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Artisan, voted WORLD’S BEST NEW PICKUP ARTIST at the PUA World Summit, has been revolutionizing people’s dating lives for over 5 years and is currently the owner of The Attractive Man INC.Artisan was a featured speaker at many PUA events including the PUA World Summit, Global Pickup Conference, Pick Up Academy, Texting and Online Game Seminar and the Ultimate Pick Up Convention (with Mystery) and is one of the preeminent dating coaches in the Pick Up Artist community.To me, God came from the same place as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. As much as I disqualified spirituality, I never felt quite right about my ignorance of it.It wasn’t my awareness of mortality that had me looking for something to grasp onto.I started learning about spirituality as a purely practical matter.

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Includes: Your Unique and Personalised 350 to 400 word Dating Profile.

If you are a bit geeky or something nerdy(like me), it doesn’t really help in any way even although you are awesome:) I want to obtain a sweet girlfriend or maybe a hot women.

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