The village church singleness and dating

Enjoy a day out with friends as we carpool to Clearwater Beach on July 15. (specifically #22, per Suzy) There will be a potluck sign-up available as the date approaches.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and money for a late lunch (probably at Frenchy’s! A three month commitment to meet three times with a group of five single women, first meet: share a meal, second meet: share a recreational experience, third meet: share a ministry experience.

Join us on September 22 for a cookout at Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex then cheer on the First Academy Eagles!

Author Claims Andrea Tantaros’ Book About How Feminism ‘Made Women Miserable’ Was Ghostwritten by a Man Judge Won’t Let Andrea Tantaros Keep Secret Her Feminism Book Was Ghostwritten By Man I wrote a review (or critique) of this book a few months ago.

But regardless of if that day comes, you gain Christ in the end, whether she comes or not.” I see that as very helpful—pursue Jesus! And if she comes, yet she passes away—you are still grounded in Him. I’ve been privileged to serve the Lord in the city (as an associate pastor at The Village Church) and in the countryside (as an elder at my current church, Hilltop Christian Fellowship). I now work full-time as a claims examiner for an insurance company, so I can also fill in as interim preacher and leader here, at little cost to my church as we face a tough financial year.In my review, I noted it was a variation on the old conservative saw to blame feminism for why single women are having a difficult time getting dates or getting married. I lived life as a June Cleaver house-wife type (meaning, though I was single, I very docile, passive, sweet, ladylike) for decades, and I never got married.Being a conservative ideal of a woman is not a guarantee you’re going to get dates or get married, so my fellow conservatives can kindly stop promoting that view.I do have many responsibilities to juggle, between work, church, personal, family, etc.However, I can prioritize and arrange my schedule at more of a moment’s notice.