Proximity dating device

for social discovery or business analytics in proximity) and an SDK that we call ‘Sixth Sense Kit’.Our Sixth Sense Kit is a software module that helps developers to use the LTE spectrum for device-to-device discovery and to start D2D services such as social discovery, payments, analytics, etc.Every participant will benefit from the generated data in proximity and monetize proximity transactions without depending on the internet search giants like Yahoo, Facebook, Bing or Google..

We’ve been building several Device-to-Device applications (e.g.

Treetop Quest, a Georgia company, will spend half a million dollars to install and operate the facility, where adults will pay and kids will pay to (depending on their ages), to spend 2½ to 3 hours on a course suspended in the tree canopy of a stretch of Fairmount Park that officials say is currently inaccessible and choked with invasive plants.

Elements of Treetop Quest attractions elsewhere include walkways suspended by ropes, climbing features, zip lines, balance beams, and obstacle courses.

Although there are similar attractions near Philadelphia — Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown has a course — the company’s closest location is in Georgia.

Under legislation clearing the way for the attraction, the city will get ,000 a season, a 4 percent cut of the revenue, and a thousand free passes to distribute to kids in Parks and Recreation summer programs.