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Mariners reliever David Phelps, one of the team's significant non-waiver Trade Deadline acquisitions, came out of the first game of Sunday's doubleheader with the Royals with discomfort in his right elbow after throwing seven pitches to the only batter he faced.

Pushups and pullups have also always been essential." Rest and Recover The best way to benefit from your toughest workouts is to let your body fully recover before training hard again.

"Sleep is also a big part of my recovery," Phelps says.

"It's really important that my body gets enough rest so that I'm ready to go for my next race or training session." Train Your Brain Stay focused on your goals and confident in your ability.

Read More Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger is working out, throwing and he hit batting practice before Thursday's game.

If he continues to make strides in his recovery, Servais said a rehab assignment is imminent.