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As the star of a docu-sitcom that blends elements from the sitcom genre and nonscripted reality shows, Nash spearheads the melding of her own family — children Dominic, Donielle and Dia and her mother, Miss Margaret — with her new husband, electrical engineer Jay, and his son, Romallis.

This holiday weekend, actress and comedienne Niecy Nash and her husband Jay Tucker will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It’s not about hanging out with our single friends all the time, but rather, we have a lot of positive couples we like to spend time with too. Fellowshipping and dating other really amazing couples has been a good time.

A year ago, the pair married in a lavish outdoor ceremony in Malibu with the reality TV cameras rolling. We wanted to go somewhere really amazing, but I’ll be working, so we decided to have a really big party over the holiday weekend. We took a vacation to Mexico with Kita and Joe Hardy from the T. The people we love to hang out with are Lisa Leslie and her husband Michael Lockwood, Lalah Ali and her husband Curtis and Flex Alexander and Shanice. But I found out that my new husband could care less. COM: How have you made time for each other between parenting and juggling careers?

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The other part of it is, if you believe that you will live a life without love, that’s exactly what you will have.

American Ninja Warrior This new episode launches a night of NBC programming tied to the annual charity-supporting event Red Nose Day.

If you don’t like the boys that have been showing up, look in the mirror, do some homework, and then get back at it.

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(Laughs) His job affords him the luxury to sometimes be able to travel with me. NASH: One of the things I told my husband is that every couple that I know that is happily married has a hobby.

He doesn’t’ like for me to travel alone, so most of the time he will try to arrange his schedule so that we can go together. So I said, “We have to get us a hobby.” We started to go and get bikes.