Monotheistic religions predating judaism

The term monotheism presupposes the idea of theos a divine being with mind and will, fully personal, conceivable in images drawn from human life, and approachable through prayer.In this respect monotheism differs from deism and from the various forms of monism.Everybody in the room agreed that if we could get Professor Michael Cook, it would be great because Dr.

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Derived from the Greek mono ("single") and theos ("God"), the term monotheism refers to the religious experience and the philosophical perception that emphasize God as one, perfect, immutable, creator of the world from nothing, distinct from the world, all-powerfully involved in the world, personal, and worthy of being worshiped by all creatures.

Some forms of monotheism, however, differ about the notions of God as distinct from the world and as personal.

Not all Jews under Greek rule lived on the outskirts of the empire; by the time the Saul of Tarsus (Christian Saint Paul) visited Greece in the first century, there were thriving Jewish communities in several Greek cities, including Thessaloniki, Veroia, Athens, and Corinth.

Those early Jewish communities formed a unique culture called Romaniotes.