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When invalidation succeeds this will trigger the invalidation Succeeded event.interface to allow invalidating an existing login session.# Define a route for the webserver @app.route('/') def index(): # On each page load we are going to increment a counter # stored on the session data.Captured sessions can be reused in "replay" attacks.i don't know if i should use jsp, javascript or html to do this. Hey, all Java & JSP gurus, i'm developing a website using JSP and MS SQL. I want ask a question about session.invalidate() Let assume we have where we input user and password. i successfully done the login page and go to the open proper window. please the send the code i'm trying to build a web page which permits the user to login before accessing the contents of the site.the login works fine (i did it using jsp), but i am not able to logout properly, that is, when i click on a "logout" hyperlink, it sends me to the proper page, but when i do "back" on my explorer, it gives me the previous page again. can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening please?

the code for logout (to be written in JSP) Following is my code for creating session object, on login: hi friends, i am new jsp, in my login and logout page is must.When authentication succeeds this will trigger the authentication Succeeded event.Invalidates the session with the authenticator it is currently authenticated with (see authenticate).# All you ned to do to invalidate the current client side # sessions is to change this secret string: app.secret_key = 'jj38dkdmfu3djdmkdi' # Note: In some examples you'll see that os.urandom(24) is used # to get a random value and use it as a secret key.This # is ok for code examples, but it's not a good idea on # production apps, because everytime we relaunch our app # we would be invalidating the existing sessions for our # users.