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Children are bound either by physical chains or psychological ones and our rescue agents’ job is to bring the girls out of darkness.Posing as customers, they seek to win the child’s trust before making an offer to take them to a safe rescue home.

Six subspecies groups are recognized: three larger and darker forms from Tasmania, Flinders and King Island respectively, and three smaller and paler forms from mainland Australia and Kangaroo Island.There are no known safe levels of alcohol use in pregnancy, so women are advised to stop drinking alcohol before getting pregnant and to not drink at all during pregnancy.Amphetamines (Ice, Speed, Ecstasy) Using amphetamines (Ice, Speed, Ecstasy) during pregnancy can affect the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system before birth.The superb fairy-wren eats mostly insects and supplements its diet with seeds.William Anderson, surgeon and naturalist on Captain James Cook's third voyage, collected the first superb fairywren specimen in 1777 while traveling off the coast of eastern Tasmania, in Bruny Island's Adventure Bay.