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The receiver blocks are from Armalite and will work on AR15 and AR10 flat-top uppers. I replaced the YHM gas block with a VLTOR clamp-on gas block. I'm not sure I'm going to keep this Troy TRX hand guard. If I can find a decent quad rail that fits I may be offering this up for sale. You'll need a barrel nut wrench and receiver blocks for the vise. I have several AR-10/15 barrel nut wrenches in my toolbox and I don't remember who made the one I used on this rifle. There was contact between the gas block and hand guard with upward pressure on the hand guard. No malfunctions and it will still shoot MOA or better with good ammo when I do my part. Type Emergency Action Trunk (3/5/12) Arc'teryx Blade 15 pack (8/27/12) Arc'teryx Khard 30 pack (4/19/13) Packs/Bags Page 7 Arc'teryx LEAF Covert Case C/O (9/3/13) Arc'teryx LEAF Dry Pack 70 (3/23/14) Arc'teryx Index Totes (6/1/14) Packs/Bags Page 8 EMDOM USA/MM Charge Satchel (7/25/14) Blue Force Gear Dapper Organizers (12/5/15) Pantac USA Armoured Slingshot (12/19/15) EMDOM USA Baker Street Bag (2/28/16) Medical/Emergency Kit Page 1 EMDOM/MM Dragster Strap (2/21/10) Milspecmonkey Blood Type patches (12/29/09) Milspecmonkey Medicsquare patches (5/10/10) Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now!

Anyone interested in volunteering some time to help is invited to join us on these dates: • May 13, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 5/14, 1PM) • June 10, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 6/11, 1PM) • July 8, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 7/09, 1 PM) • August 12, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 8/13, 1 PM) • September 9, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 9/10, 1 PM) • October 14, Saturday, 9 AM (Rain Date: Sun., 11/15, 1 PM) Meet at the Laurel Woods Trail parking lot at 9 AM to organize work for the day. next to Penn Green Rd.) Any called rain date will be posted on our website: Friendsofthe New Garden A reminder notice about the upcoming trail maintenance day will be sent each month.

As for the Suebi you can take then out of Spain and use them elsewhere if you want. Roman Factions: Do S ERE WRE (Dalmatia) Rex Italia ???

Here's an idea for the Roman Buildings problem: use the Romano British (light blue), change the leader cards from Roman to Barbarian and change the Faction name to Rex Italia.

Between the two pillars are two worlds sitting on an ocean of water.

The reverse features a heraldic shield capped with a crown.